January 3rd Tuesday Cricket Committee 1 KCC
5th Thursday Umpires Committee 1 KCC
10th Tuesday ` Facilities Committee 1 New Road
24th Tuesday Marketing, Dev & Social Committee 1 KCC
February 1st Wednesday Main Committee 1 KCC
7th Tuesday Captains' Meeting Old Elizabethans
8th Wednesday Captains' Meeting KCC
22nd Wednesday Cricket Committee 2 KCC
28th Tuesday Umpires Committee 2 KCC
28th Tuesday Introduction to Umpiring Course Ridgewood HS
March 7th Tuesday Facilities Committee 2 New Road
11th Saturday Club Scorers Course 10am New Road
17th Friday Introduction to Umpiring Course Stourport HS
18th Saturday Club Scorers Course 10am New Road
19th Sunday Groundsmens' course New Road
29th Wednesday Marketing, Dev & Social Committee 2 KCC
30th Thursday Main Committee 2 KCC
April 5th Wednesday Pre-season Panel Umpires mtg KCC
12th Wednesday Resources collection evening from 5.30pm KCC
22nd Saturday First round of matches
June 7th Wednesday Cricket Committee 3 KCC
15th Thursday Umpires Committee 3 KCC
20th Tuesday KO Cup final 1st XIs (reserve 22nd) KCC
22nd Thursday Marketing, Dev & Social Committee 3 KCC
26th Monday KO Cup final 2nd XIs (reserve 29th) KCC
28th Wednesday Senior Rep. match vs MCCC - A.Wright Ump. 1pm KCC
29th Thursday Facilities Committee 3 tba
July 3rd Monday KO Cup final Divisions 3-7 (reserve 6th) KCC
12th Wednesday Main Committee 3 KCC
19th Wednesday Senior Rep. match vs tba 1pm tba
August 30th Wednesday Cricket Committee 4 KCC
September 5th Tuesday Marketing, Dev & Social Committee 4 KCC
7th Thursday Umpires Committee 4 KCC
16th Saturday Final matches
19th Tuesday Facilities Committee 4 tba
28th Thursday Full delegates meeting KCC
October 3rd Tuesday Panel Umpires' end of season mtg KCC
11th Wednesday Main Committee 4 KCC
17th Tuesday Discipline end of season review KCC
20th Friday League Dinner 7pm Stourport Manor
November 2nd Thursday Marketing / budget meeting KCC
8th Wednesday Cricket Committee 5 KCC
15th Wednesday Main Committee 5 KCC
28th Tuesday League AGM KCC