Member clubs must comply with the ground and facilities criteria, as prescribed by the Management Committee, copies of which will be on the League website. Paper copies are available from the League Administrator. Failure to comply with the criteria may lead to a disciplinary sub-committee hearing and may result in relegation or other penalty.

Promotion within Worcestershire County League or to Birmingham and District Premier Cricket League will only be confirmed if all mandatory (M) items for the higher division are either in place by the end of the current season or are covered by a signed Declaration by the Club’s Chairman and Delegate, including documentary and/or financial evidence where applicable, that confirms that the requirements for the higher Division will be in place by 31st December of that year. Any club, whose current facilities would debar them from promotion to a higher division, will be notified immediately after an inspection, and made aware of the deficiencies and the improvements necessary to be eligible for promotion.

All Member clubs will be subject to a rolling program of Ground and Facilities Audit. The criteria and expectation for the Audit will be set out in the appropriate accreditation document for the division in which the Club’s 1stXI plays (or is about to play). Clubs are advised to use the appropriate document to conduct a “self-audit” of both facilities and administration every year for each ground used whether owned or hired. If they are not meeting any of the criteria, they should submit a list of the areas concerned to the Administrator together with their plans to address the issues. The Chairman and Delegate of the Club must sign a declaration and undertaking, on behalf of the Club, agreeing to remedy the deficiencies found, within specified time scales.

When the declaration and undertaking have been signed, the Management Committee will advise the Club of the sanctions, which will be imposed if the Club fails to complete all or any of the deficiencies within the agreed time scales.

If the Management Committee considers that the defects are sufficiently serious, failure to rectify the agreed deficiencies within the agreed time scales may result in the Club being relegated from their current Division, In such cases the club will have the right to appeal but should not assume that leniency will be shown where the "Raising of Standards" is concerned. Clubs in this situation will be regularly visited by the Management Committee.

Clubs in the First Division of the Worcestershire County League should be aware that all Level 1 mandatory criteria must be met during the season in which they become Champions in order to apply for confirmation of their promotion to the Birmingham and District Premier Cricket League. All 1stXI’s eligible for promotion from Division 2 must be able to certify that , at the end of a season in which they qualify, that they will be in a position to satisfy all BDPCL entry requirements the year after they enter Division 1 of WCL.

All clubs in divisions 1-6 must have pitch covers and side sheets and, wherever appropriate they should be used before and during matches covering the whole pitch and also the bowlers run ups if possible. It is the responsibility of the home side to put on and take off the covers as directed by the umpires in the absence of agreement of the captains. It is also mandatory for all grounds in Divisions 1-6 to have workable and effective sightscreens at both ends of the ground, unless specific dispensation is granted by the Management Committee.

Any side who wishes to have the chance to play matches on an ARTIFICIAL pitch must register the fact with the Administrator before the start of the season so that the Management Committee can decide if permission will be granted. Clubs are advised that unless there are exceptional circumstances, permission will not be granted in Divisions 1-6.

March 2017