2017 Season

It is my pleasure to introduce our handbook for 2017 which will be our 19th season as a Feeder League to the Birmingham and District Premier League. Our latest Club survey has shown that the majority of our Clubs prefer our current mix of half win/lose matches with the other half of our fixtures offering the possibility of a draw. About a third of our clubs (far less than the National Trend) would like earlier starting times. We have therefore made some changes at the start and end of the season. Thankfully there are no changes to the Laws of Cricket this season. (Major revisions are expected in October 2017). We have added a few minor clarifications to our Playing Conditions and recommend that Club Players and Officials take time to familiarise themselves with the details which are all in this handbook. We congratulate our latest champions Worcester Nomads CC and wish them every success in the B&DPCL. Their place will be taken by Eastnor CC who rejoin us from the Premier structure.

2016 was not such a good year for discipline issues. There were too many cases of verbal abuse towards young cricketers and Umpires. We have asked our Officials to take a firm line with unacceptable behaviour but appreciate that many of our fixtures take place without appointed Umpires. We therefore call upon our Clubs to play their matches with a stronger spirit of fair play and to show more respect for each other and umpires.

We are pleased that Clubs and Umpires embraced the on-line Portals for the reporting of captain’s and pitch marks. The systems have proved to be very efficient and have provided useful information. The League Play-Cricket site ( http://worcestershirecl.play-cricket.com ) is also working well and we thank our clubs for their co-operation and continued efforts to enter details carefully.

I would also like to thank all Clubs and the Management Committee for their help and support in maintaining our reputation as one of the best run Leagues in the region. Chris Marsh will be completing his final season as our administrator. His contribution has been huge over the years and in addition to offering our grateful thanks, we wish him a happy cricket watching retirement.

For 2017, we wish all Clubs every success in providing entertaining and enjoyable cricket for all our players, umpires and officials.

Peter Radburn - Chairman